When Driving Around Durham NC Stop By These Restaurants

If you are a baseball fan like I am then you have heard of Durham, North Carolina. You might not know any restaurants there though, and if you do, would they make the list of the top ranked restaurants? I’m going to cover four of them in Durham right now so that when you are in that area, you have some great choices for enjoying a meal. Let’s take a look at those Durham restaurants.

Nana’s Restaurant is one of the top rated Durham NC restaurants, and it is located on University Drive. With pork chops, grouper, risotto and more, the chefs are cooking up some delicious menu items at Nana’s Restaurant. Another reviewer raves about the fish tacos, and most of them mention having a great time in addition to the food being good.

The next top Durham restaurant is The Original Q Shack. It is also located on University Drive like Nana’s Restaurant, but The Original Q Shack is a barbecue restaurant. You’re talking about North Carolina barbecue at its finest, with brisket, hushpuppies, fried okra and more.

On to the third restaurant in Durham, North Carolina. It is Bull City Burger And Brewery on East Parrish Street. Are you wanting to have a good beer in a place with a good atmosphere? Would you like to grab a burger? This is your place.

We have one more Durham NC restaurant to cover. Vin Rouge on Hillsborough Road serves up an interesting menu, rather eclectic. It is a French cafe, so it would be a unique experience. One reviewer talks about dining on the patio. Outdoor dining is always a pro, but of course the weather has to be cooperative. I don’t know about you, but my first stop out of these four top restaurants in Durham, North Carolina would be The Original Q Shack.

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