Concequesces of oral lease agreement

Being open to the area of your stay in a particular city does not mean that you have to agree for all the conditions of your landlord. New renters face problems while renting an apartment based in durham and the most important thing behind that is the ignorance about rental arrangements and rules. Landlords can trap you in different legal aspects in order to make some money out of you and they can even charge more rent as compared to the market cost. You have to make sure that you do proper legal and rental check before signing the apartment lease with your landlord.

The most common problem which new renters face these days is the rent amount and rental agreements. The first problem can easily be solved by searching online and comparing your rent amount with the other apartments of same kind present in market. You can also ask some friends to advice you for renting an apartment because old renters may tell you about the average rent that you should pay for certain apartment and this will help you to negotiate properly with your landlord. The other problem is lease agreement and this can only be solved if you have proper legal knowledge about renting and rental agreements.

One option that will come in front of you while renting an apartment is the oral lease agreement that you can use in place of the written one in durham. Oral agreements will not provide you the documented proof of anything that settled between you and your landlord. Some states do not allow their residents for having an oral lease agreement therefore a complete knowledge about the laws of durham is also required. Oral lease agreements have hundreds of disadvantages that you will have to face after words and as a new renter you will not afford to stick your head in such things s early in your life.

The first disadvantage which you will have to face due to oral lease agreement is that you will not be able to make any negotiations to the landlord or force him to perform his duties. Landlords are mostly responsible for making the apartment healthy enough as a living place and this is not possible if he is a greedy person and you do not have an enough evidence for proving his responsibilities in written form. You will only have to save the previous repairs and maintenance bills, if there were any, in order to make sure the judge that he was responsible to for these things according to your oral lease agreement. Falling for such a trap is always hazardous for tenants because landlords are always clever enough to keep some written proves of your responsibilities.

You will also face the problem if your landlord does not have any bad intension and just forgets the terms that you people decided as an oral agreement. You will not have any written thing to show him that he agreed to perform certain tasks during your stay at the apartment.

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